The goal of the 76ers is to recreate the cowboy and average Joe of 1876 to the best of our ability. How do we do that?


 One of the first places we look is to the photographic evidence from the period. When reenacting anything post the invention of the camera, it becomes easier and easier to recreate a period because the evidence is literally right in front of your face. But don't stop there. Reading first hand accounts and documents aid in the recreation of daily life and activities of the cowboy and those around him.

  Recreating what we can document vs what we can speculate.

 Our rules of thumb:

- If you can't document it, it's probably best to leave it alone.
- Go with what was common, not with what was unique.
- Don't rely on the movies to give you any reliable version of historical fact.


 Clothing should reflect those of the period. The following images will give a good representation of the basic impression we strive for.


 Our target year is 1876. Anything made prior to that is up for grabs. Ideal firearms are as follows : 

1851 Colt Navy Conversion 

1873 Colt Army

1860 Henry Rifle

1873 Winchester

 To be continued...

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